Services & Facilities
Intra Oral Camera/RVG
Dental X-ray
Highly Advanced Digital Sterilizer/Autoclave
Fully Electronic & Sterile Dental Chair & Equipments
Fully Computerized Patient Records
Tie –ups With The Best Labs In India & Abroad To Get Best Possible Results
Qualified & Competent Staff
Scaler & Air Jet Polisher
Vacuum Farmer
Special Friendly Environment For Children
Treatment Stricily By Appointments
Speciality Treatments at KHER'S DENTAL CLINIC
Dental Implants  
Gum Surgery  
Tooth Coloured
Root Canal Treatment
Scaling & Polishing
Crown & Bridges
Removable Partial Denture
Complete Denture
Pediatric Dental Treatment
Orthodontic Treatment  
Routine Treatments at Our Clinic
Treatment for decayed (carious ) teeth using silver (amalgam)and tooth colored composites.
Treatment for diseased gums- with scaling, polishing gum surgeries and alveolar bone surgeries.
Treatment for discolored teeth using bleaching, crowing and modern restorative techniques .
Root canal filling treatment- for infected teeth.
Treatment for inability to open mouth due to submucous fibrosis or temperomandibular joint problems by mechanical, medicinal and surgical means.
Treatment for children’s dental problems like rampant caries, delay in tooth eruption, trauma, tooth loss ect.
Detection and treatment of jaw diseases ranging from cysts , abscess, and all development anomalies.
Diagnosis of various dental condition using dental X-rays, vitality testing, investigations and above all expertise of the clinics.
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Dental Tourism
At Dental Tourism India we strive to achieve the highest standard of consumer service and to take the very best care of you.We provide you with a complete travel and dental solution. We manage your travel and dental experience, from transport, hotels and sightseeing to the best cosmetic dentists in India.Looking for low cost dental treatments abroad?
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